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Auto reply for recieved faxes

We have close to 100 people a day call us to confirm that we have received there fax. Is there a way whether it be through a work around on Ringcentral or 3rd party service that will Auto Reply a confirmation to the senders fax number that we received the fax?

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Travis Ransom avatar image Travis Ransom commented ·
Now that is a good idea.
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mike avatar image mike commented ·
The sending fax machine generally provides a "complete" or "success" message once it is done.  If the communication breaks and the fax fails it should provide them with a "failed" notification depending on the machine. 
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Leonarda Ramsaroop avatar image Leonarda Ramsaroop commented ·

I notice this question was posted in 2015, I also have this issue and was wondering if there has been any new developments?

My company is also looking for a fax auto reply as clients constantly call to check if the fax was received even after they get a confirmation on their end. I would love to know if this is an option as of yet.

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ Leonarda Ramsaroop commented ·

Hey, @Leonarda Ramsaroop We don't have this feature at this time, but we would encourage you to add this to the Ideas Portal. You can click here to share this idea.

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