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(I saw a previous post like this that did not get resolved but am in need of an immediate solution so started a new post) Our call queues are set up to ring to several desktop computer apps as well as several cell phones as simultaneously. When I call comes in, and a team member wants to Ignore the call, the system will immediately ring their line again, effectively making the Ignore button useless. I would like the functionality to have the Ignore button take one out of the call queues that that incoming call, and not ring my extension again. This is different that changing my status to Busy/Do Not Accept Calls, as I want to be able to pass on calls, but without taking myself out of the call queue all together. The Ignore button should allow me to ignore a specific call, without the system continuously ringing my extension.
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The cell phones are using the mobile app. For instance,...on my phone within the app...I have the 'then forward calls to' turned off for home, mobile and work. Is this what you are asking? The others are set the same way. I am not exactly sure where to look for the Ext (queue) number. Can you please direct me there so I can get you that info? I am new to RC so perhaps these are settings...I hope so!
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Under Group/Other > locate the queue and the extension number will be listed.
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I think I do not have access to that. We have admins at our HQ that manage the entire system. Our company is set up with an extension under that and I have a login to manage our area. I do know our phone number and extension. Would you like/need that?
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Do you know the name of the queue? 
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kim avatar image kim commented ·
I'd like to take a look at your queue setup.  What is the Ext (queue) Number?

Also the users who are taking calls on their cell phones, are they using the RingCentral Mobile App, or is the call being forwarded to their cell phone carrier.
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