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Call Queue After Company Hours

Our company hours are 9 - 5. We have three call queues, two of them are also set to 9 - 5. We have one queue we would like to have set to 8 - 5. Only 1 person would be answering calls at this time. We have her hours set to 8 - 3, all other members of the queue have their individual hours set to 9 - 5.

Can our 8 AM start person receive calls from the queue if the company hours are set at 9 - 5?

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Although our 'open' hours are 8a-8p, we are a medical facility and have staff that have to take calls at all odd hours.

What we did was set our business to 24 hours, and then make IVR rules for the specific time periods.

How this would work for you (as I read it) would be:

Midnight to 8a - send to the off-hours voicemail/tree
8a-9a - send to reception 1
9a-5p - send to all reception
5p-midnight - send to off-hours, etc.

That make sense?

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I had a very similar question I couldn't find a clearly documented answer to - do business hours superseded call queue and/or user hours? In my testing, it does not look like the company hours superseded call queue or user-set hours. You might want to check your 8AM call queue hours and the user that's associated with that queue's user hours to confirm they also start at 8AM. Additionally, make sure the user that starts at 8AM is set to accept calls from queues. Lastly, checking your call logs can be helpful to sort out why a call was or wasn't missed vs went direct to voicemail.

Confusingly, the some of the auto-receptionist settings appear they do impact all queues/users (Call Recording on/off, Blanket robocall rejection).

I'm fairly new to the RingCentral platform, someone else may have a better answer than me, but I hope these suggestions help you.

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Hi Julia,

Company Hours on that specific call queue needs to start from 8. If you set other members user hours from 9-5 , that's the time they will start receiving calls. If other members user hours starts from 8, then they will start receiving calls at 8.

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We do have the hours for that queue set to 8 - 5 (sorry I wasn't clear about that) and the early start user set to start at 8. The company hours are 9 - 5 though. Could that be why she isn't receiving calls between 8 and 9 AM

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