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Chat group admin leaves company. What happens to the group?

Hi all, if the admin of a chat group leaves the company, what happens to the chat group? Does another member of the group automatically get allocated as the admin? Or, do you basically need to start the group again with a new admin so you can add/remove members? I know the simple solution is to have more than one admin in each group however wanted to know what occurs in this above situation. Thanks.

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Hi Alex, While the admin is still part of the company, he/she can assign any other admin. Once he/she leaves the company, nothing will change.

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@Alex Steedman RC Teams administration is an absolutely nightmare due to limited/immature administrative features in RC Teams. I'd highly recommend you have clear and enforceable policies to govern RC Teams.

If I create a Team and mark it private, you - as an administration - can do nothing to take over the administration. I have to cooperate in order for you to join the Team and take control. If I leave, you would have to convince a Team member to copy/paste data from the Team and store it in a Word file or such for archival purposes and then ask members to join a different group controlled by you. Members may choose not to leave that group.

In our organization, we have a policy and manual audit to ensure that RC Teams are created by authorized individuals only.

@Mary-Community_Moderator RingCentral must definitely rethink their product design.

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Chirag Shukla commented ·

@Chirag Shukla, We understand your frustration. We will inform our Product Team of this. For app feedback and feature improvements, add it into the Ideas Portal at

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