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Mute Notifications Inside Ring Central App for Selected Conversations?

We use the Ring Central App for Windows Desktop (21.3.30) as well as the Ring Central App for Android and IOS. In looking through community posts, I haven't been able to find an answer to this question:

Is it possible to selectively stop app notifications (the little red dots with or without numbers) for certain less important conversations or teams in the application? Or set them to an equivalent of Do Not Disturb? In other words, I am a member of multiple teams that I wish to monitor. But I have little need or desire to see the little notification dot every time someone posts something into the conversation. If someone posts into one of our watercooler groups that they had a tuna salad sandwich for lunch, I don't need to see the little notification bubbles, particularly on my taskbar.

I've looked at the notification settings for these conversations, but the settings all seem to be about external notifications, and not notifications from the apps themselves.

Am I missing something? Or am I doomed to a future of needing to constantly look in the app to see that I don't need to be looking in the app right now?



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Thanks, Mary. The conversation had already been set with "Enable desktop notifications" to off. But that doesn't make any difference, it would seem, at least as far as my issue is concerned.


I have tested just about every combination of settings here. And while they do stop sounds and desktop popups, none of them stop the march of little red circles on the taskbar. It's incredibly distracting. I also tried disabling push and email notifications (even though I don't receive those) and it didn't make a difference.

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Hey, @Richard Rabinoff I'm going to share this with the product team and get some feedback from them.
We'll be in touch, but if you have further issues, please don't hesitate to contact us here or shoot us an email at

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There is an option to disable notifications for a particular person or group in the app. You will have to click the three vertical dots or "more" button next to the specific name or group and click "Notifications Preferences," You will see this screenshot below. You have to uncheck "Enable desktop notifications."screen-shot-2021-09-24-at-12235-am.png

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