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Failed Login - 401

ring-central-failed-login.pngI started out trying to get my mobile android app to work on my pixel 6 pro, but it keeps failing to login. I then tried to open a support ticket for help with that, but it says I need to login. When I try to login I get Failed Login - 401 every time (see picture). I tried chat and that didn't have anything remotely close to what's happening here. I reset my password and that didn't help. I cleared all my cookies and cache because that was something I found in the community here and that didn't work. I can login to the admin portal in chrome on windows 10 with my credentials, so I know they are correct, they just won't work in the RingCentral support area. Can anyone here give me any other ideas how to proceed with getting support from RingCentral? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Jake Hart. We can help you with that. Please send us your details at

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