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Clicking Ignore Call or Declining the call does not stop the phone from continuing to ring

When I get a call from a call queue if I click "Ignore Call" on my desktop app the Incoming Call screen goes away and then pops right back up a few seconds later. 

Same thing on the phone app. Using an Android phone if I decline a call, it goes away for a second then just comes right back up. 

This is extremely annoying. Please look into fixing it. If I ignore a call, I want it ignored. I don't care if it's in a queue and nobody else is answering. If I'm busy, I'm busy.
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I have this exact same issue and it’s driving me crazy. I have to decline a call over and over and over. Any resolution?

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Alex, we'd like to help! Have you reached out to Support to create a ticket?
If not, we might suggest that or you're welcome to reach out to us and we can assist further.

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Sebastian Stuart avatar image Sebastian Stuart Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ ·

@Becky-Community_Manager @Mary-Community_Moderator almost a year later and this is still not addressed? It's still a problem. We are a reseller and refer many clients to RC and our clients mention how annoying this is as well. It NEEDS to be resolved.

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For those experiencing the same thing - support wasn't able to solve the issue for me. They just poked around and eventually said its something to do with the fact that the call is ringing on multiple lines and that everyone on that line would need to decline the call for it to stop.

Seems like a bug in the software but to my knowledge, not something they're working on. It'd be great if they were though!

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We've got this problem as well. I have to hit Reject multiple times (3-6 Rejects) on my deskphone OR mobile app and it keeps calling me. Super annoying when you are on another line. We have the "Ring App for at least 30 seconds" disabled in the online portal. Please fix RC!!!

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Is this ever going to get fixed? Absolutely brutal when in a meeting and I have to go on do not disturb. What if I want to screen and potentially step away to answer other calls? I can't just decline a queue call?


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Hi Marshall,

Can we get your contact number for troubleshooting?
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There is setting in Call Handling for Users from Online portal:

" ring the App for at least 30 seconds"

check if that is not enabled. If yes then please disable it.

This option sometimes cause this issue

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mary-community-moderator answered kip-hoover commented

Hi Everyone, Our Product Team is aware and currently investigating this issue. We will provide updates in this thread once it’s resolved. We suggest you send callers to voicemails in the meantime.

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I'm having the same issue and its super annoying. How do we send them straight to VM if the only option is to "ignore" or "answer"

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Thank you very much for replying, but I don't have the option nor would I want to send it to voicemail, because there are other people in the group that will be available to take the call. I hope the product team is able to resolve this soon. I hope you realise how important it is to all of us that it is fixed.

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You're welcome! We'll let them know about this. Thank you.

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Sebastian Stuart avatar image Sebastian Stuart mary-community-moderator ♦♦ ·

@Mary-Community_Moderator like @Sarah Johnson asked, how do we send a call to VM if everyone in the Call Queue is busy? The only option is Answer or Ignore, but then we get interrupted again 5 seconds later. I've almost thrown my phone out the window a few times over this. I finally had to remove myself from the Call Queue. Please escalate.

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When is this going to get fixed?

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tak-it1 answered Sebastian Stuart commented

This isn't a bug - this is how call queues operate. If using rotating/sequential, pressing reject will flag you as unavailable for 5 seconds so the inbound call can ring other members. If no members available, the call will return back to you.

If using simultaneous, the same will apply but it will ring you regardless until the call is handled or has reached the end ring time as setup in the queue.

There are lots of ways to do things, but for you, the easiest would likely be just to toggle "Accept Call Queue Calls" off in the app if you can't attend to that inbound call.

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Thanks for the reply,

This isn't a bug - I disagree unless we can control the interval.

5 seconds ? it takes 1 second to press the reject button - why does it think you might have changed your mind about taking the call only 4 seconds later ? that is ridiculous, it should snooze it for at least 30 seconds.

As for your suggestion of turning off accept queue calls -you cannot get to that setting in under 4 seconds on your mobile to turn it off before it returns to the call ringing screen . That is not a very useful suggestion, I may be only unavailable to take that one call while i am talking say to the delivery driver and then in 60 seconds time I will be available to take calls again. so i don't want to have to keep going in and out to toggle that setting - that is just ridiculous.

The main thing should be to change the the timer from 5 seconds to something sensible like 30 or 60 seconds before it tries giving you the call again.

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tak-it1 avatar image tak-it1 Nathan Ramsden-Lock ·

For sure, just giving you the straight goods.

Edit: actually, sorry - confused about something: "I may be only unavailable to take that one call while i am talking say to the delivery driver and then in 60 seconds time I will be available to take calls again. so i don't want to have to keep going in and out to toggle that setting - that is just ridiculous. "

why are you opposed to toggling accept call queues on/off? This is a simple toggle in the mobile or desktop app. If you're added to a queue and find yourself always rejecting calls because you don't have time to handle them, why not utilize the call queue toggle?

I get the annoyance with rejecting the call, but I have dozens of call centers utilizing this setup.

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@tak-it1 this is not a feature, it's crappy design. I agree with @Nathan Ramsden-Lock and many others on how frustrating this is. I assume there are many other similar tickets or "suggestions" on this Community forum asking for the same thing to get fixed. Imagine how many small companies don't report it or don't understand that it is a design flaw and just put up with the annoyance, or disable call Queues entirely?

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Sebastian Stuart answered Sebastian Stuart edited

I think this is absurd as well. If we hit Reject it should send that call to Voicemail or if it's from a Queue (Call Center Blast, or Round Robin) then it should just ring to the other folks on the Queue. If they all hit reject then send it to voicemail. I had to remove myself PERMANENTLY from our Support Queue for this exact reason. It was super annoying to have calls repeatedly interrupt me over and over while I was on another call on my mobile phone. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED. It's not a "feature", it's a design flaw. How is this not fixed after being reported as a problem a year ago? Lame.

@Mary-Community_Moderator @Becky-Community_Manager @Jessica-Community_Moderator @Jenn-Community_Moderator can you guys please combine these tickets below into the same issue? This has also been a reported "problem" for 6 years now. When is RC going to take this issue serious?

Here is another ticket reporting the same thing, from 2015:

And again in 2016 with TWO different tickets:

And last year in 2020:

And again in 2018, on the iOS app, but same issue:

How many times does this have to be reported? We used to have Fonality VOIP phones which is a pretty crappy system and it didn't have this same problem. Thanks!

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Becky-Community_Manager answered

@Sebastian Stuart I understand your frustration, but @tak-it1 is correct.
This is how Call Queues operate and is operating as designed - we have confirmed this with the product manager for this feature.

The ignore queue call scenario you are describing is not a bug if either the queue is using simultaneous distribution or the ignoring agent is the only available member in the queue.

The issue here is that the agent remains available but is asking to ignore the call - if they change their status to unavailable they will not get queue calls.

Ignore works best when call distribution is rotating or sequential and there is at least one other available agent.
If all agents are rejecting the call, the call will continue to attempt to get an available agent until someone picks up or the customer disconnects.

You have two options - if you want to keep the call queue set up, toggle your status to unavailable and you will not receive queue calls when you are busy.
Or you can explore Ring Groups - calls will be sent to voicemail if the call has been ignored by all the agents associated with that extension.

Product is aware of the ask that when all agents reject a queue call it is sent to voicemail.
Add your voice and vote to the Ideas Portal and we'll continue to surface this with the product team.
Idea can be found HERE.

If you are not a member of a call queue and are receiving calls you can't ignore or decline to your direct number, it is a different issue and is not expected behavior. Connect with Support.

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In our situation there are only 2 of us in this "call queue"... if we are available to take the call, we will, if we are not we NEED the ability to send the call to VM or "truly" ignore the call if we are unavailable WITHOUT changing out "status" every single moment. we receive a lot of calls throughout the day and out availability to take a call or not depends on what we are doing "in the moment" of when the call comes through...

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@Sarah, thank you for your reply, I just don't think Becky or any of the Ring central team will ever properly understand this. @Sebastian has provided the evidence that posting here is about as much use as shouting it in to the wind. They just keep suggesting the same old workaround and repeat the mantra "It is operating as designed". I think it is time they got a new "Design team" who have half a clue what is needed from a telephone system. This issue has gone on ignored for 6 years along with adding the HUD facility to the mobile client (after all who needs to be able to see the status of your other colleagues in the team hey ???) and the lack of a centralised contact directory for all extensions.

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@Sarah Johnson Have you considered the Ring Group as an option?
It will keep you from having to set your availability.

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Nathan Ramsden-Lock avatar image Nathan Ramsden-Lock Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ ·

@Becky-Community_Manager you keep repeating this silly alternative, without even understanding the limitations of your own system and why people chose to use a call queue in the first place. (Taken from,when%20the%20hosted%20extension%20rings.)

Ring group limitations

  • No option to ring mobile apps
  • No agent status checking
  • No way for agents to discern Ring Group calls vs. direct calls

With a call queue :

  • You can hold a call even if all agents are busy, (because you foe example you might just be wrapping up a call that you are on and able to take the call in a few moments rather than put the caller through the trouble of leaving a voicemail)
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Nathan, I was responding to @Sarah Johnson about her specific use case. This may not be a fit for you and your team.

Ultimately, the product team is working to address product concerns that benefit the greater customer community. As I mentioned before, the product team is aware of the ask and will keep it on the radar.

In the meantime, the Community team is empathetic of your challenges and will continue to advocate on your behalf with the product team.

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customer-service1234567891011121314 answered john-oliphant commented

@Becky-Community_Manager perhaps it's not a bug, but at minimum, it's poor product design based on how RingCentral advertises themselves.

What you've described is the right feature set for a call center. RingCentral does not advertise or promote itself as a cell center system. You describe yourselves as a business communication system. I don't think it is even remotely debatable that in most business environments or situations, someone does not become available 5 seconds after hitting ignore.

As a SaaS provider with some product design background , here's some ways that you could actually resolve this issue that clearly many of your customers are passionate about rather than arguing with your customers:

1.) Automatically make a user unavailable when they are in a RingCentral meeting (or at least create a setting that would allow the user to turn this feature on)

2.) When hitting ignore, create a pop up that asks the user if they would like to make themselves unavailable.

3.) Create a call queue setting that sends the call to a shared voicemail when all users are unavailable or ignored a call.

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Appreciate this feedback, @customer-service1234567891011121314
I would ask that you share this in the Ideas Portal. This information will assist the product team in determining next steps.

Also, because of your experience, I would love to create alignment with you and the product team to do some beta testing or contribute further to the discussion.
Feel free to reach out to me directly if you're open to it.

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Nathan Ramsden-Lock avatar image Nathan Ramsden-Lock Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ ·

@Becky-Community_Manager Can we get an update on this being sorted please, it has been months, it has received many votes too. It is basic functionality that should just work.

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Hey @Nathan Ramsden-Lock, I followed up with our call queue product manager for an update, and unfortunately, he advised he doesn't see this being addressed anytime soon. His recommendation was that users change their Accept Queue Calls status to OFF when they are busy and cannot accept queue calls.

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Nathan Ramsden-Lock answered

please all go and vote for this idea here:- so that it can be ignored by the ring central team over there too!

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