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regina-langford asked Don Noble commented

Calls go straight to voicemail.

phone wont ring it goes straight to vm

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Don Noble avatar image Don Noble commented ·

No, we fixed this.



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Nancy W avatar image Nancy W commented ·
Hi.  I'm having the same problem.  When a call comes to my phone directly, or when it's forwarded by a receptionist, my desk phone never rings.  The call goes straight to voicemail.  I do not have DND turned on, and my office hours are set to 24 hours.  I appreciate the help!
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Chuck Fuscone avatar image Chuck Fuscone Nancy W commented ·
Hi Nancy, I have seen this where people record their voice mail greeting in the Screening area and not the messages area.

then soon as someone calls they hear your VM message.  It is an easy thing to mis.
So check call screening and let us know

Your VM is recorded under Messages and Notifications.

Not call screening

Let us know


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Nancy W avatar image Nancy W Chuck Fuscone commented ·
Hi Chuck,
Thanks for the quick response.  However, I'm still a bit confused.  I'll try to provide as much detail as I can, and hopefully we can sort this out!   When our company provided these phone and this system, it came with certain defaults set.  One of these is voicemail.  I never bothered to record my own voicemail, since the default message is fine.  So, under Messages & Greetings, the "yes" button is selected for "Take Messages", and the Voicemail Greeting is set to "default".

In the "Screening" tab, User Greeting is set to "off".  Call Screening is set to "off". Connecting Message is set to "on" ("Please hold while I try to connect you").   Hold Music and Audio are also on.

Thank you.
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mike avatar image mike commented ·
Hi Regina, Sorry for the delay in responding here. If you are still having issues, the first thing to look at is the call handling and forwarding rules including the user/after hours settings.  Also, make sure don't have DND turned on. There are a lot of possibilities here so we may need more details. Are you using a deskphone, the RC desktop/sofphone, or mobile app etc? 
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HR HR avatar image HR HR commented ·

I am having issues with my phone going straight to voicemail after I set it up. Can you help me please?

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1 Answer

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jenn-community-moderator answered

Hello @HR HR, apologies! If you are still having issues, please open a case HERE, and our phone support will call you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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